``Aqua Access expertly guided our kitchen revamp. After validating our plans, we ordered from 'DIY Kitchens' and set the installation date. Despite the project's complexity, Alan and Sam were both professional and enjoyable to work with. They kept our space tidy daily, ensuring family life wasn't disrupted during the two-week transformation`` - Lee

In Rushden, homeowners with a clear vision for their kitchen reached out to us. They had designed it but needed our expertise for accurate measurements and to bring their concept to fruition. After visiting their home and confirming the feasibility of their design, they ordered their kitchen from ‘DIY Kitchens’. Our team then took charge, starting with the removal of the old kitchen and flooring. As we installed the new kitchen, we worked alongside an electrician to adjust electrical setups and prepared the walls for the final touches.

The transformation was completed in two weeks. Following our work, the homeowners swiftly painted their new kitchen in just two days. The end result was a beautiful kitchen space that perfectly reflected their original vision, showcasing the power of teamwork and skill